Thursday, 4 February 2010

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We had more snow yesterday. Is it never going to end. Luckily it has been washed away by the rain today. I just wish it would get a bit warmer.
This is our wonderful dog Tinker out in the snow. Shes 13 years old now. When she was younger she loved the snow, but shes not so keen now. So far this winter she hasnt been keen to go out in it at all. I think maybe she has arthritus and the cold makes her hurt a bit. Sometimes I know how shw feels.
I have been talking about a weekend in Edinburgh with friends today. We hope to get up and do some Ghost Hunting. I think there may be spirits of another kind involved as well.
I got the bargain of the week today. I always pop into our local charity shop to look at the books. I reade a lot so it is a good way to pick up some bargains. I got a copy of Dan Browns latest book The Solomon Key for £2.50. I was really pleased with this I had hinted for the book at Christmas but my hints fell on deaf ears. Never mind I will be reading it soon.
On the crafting front I have thanks to make to some lovely ladies for making some beautiful samples for me from my latest cardmaking CD. The ladies are Ursula, Elaine, and Tina. I am ver greatful for all of there hard work. Keep checking and as soon as the Cd is ready I will let you know, and maybe show you some of the beautiful cards these lovely ladies have made.

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