Friday, 5 February 2010

Working Hard

I have spent the morning working on my latest CD. It shouldnt be long now before you can see it. I have book a show with Max Papercrafts at The Nissan Centre in Sunderland on February 21st so I hope to have it ready for then. I hope you like it.
I have decided it is time to lose those exess pounds that continue to creep up on me and not go away. Have you noticed how easy it is to put weight on and how difficult it is to take off again. Anyway it is time for it to go so I will keep you informed
I'm off to the doctors for my injection this afternoon, so I'll have to be off soon.
I almost forgot and how could I. Adam gained an A* in his recent yearly exams. I am so proud of him, even if it has made his head a little bit big. Atually I am very proud of both of my children they are both much cleverer than me. Both very arty as well. I don't know where they get that from because I can't even draw a decent stickman.

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