Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bit of a let down

I am feeling a little dissapointed today. Louise and I went to the Fear and Loathing event at the Centre for Life in Newscastle last night. We went because I was told by Past Life reggression therapist Malcolm Hendry that he would be there doing sessions. Sad to say he was not.
I am pleased to say this did not spoil our enjoyment of the event. Lots going on and we took part in an experiment to see how people percieve unexplained events. We need to contact hem later for the results of this experiment and so I will let you know what happens. All in all we did have a very good night.

We are setting off for Edinburgh tommorrow for a week. I am hoping to visit some new places and get some good pictures to watch for them being converted to crafting materials. I'll keep you updated over the week with what is happening.
See you soon

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