Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Rest of the Holiday

On Tuesday Dave and Adam went to Deep Sea World. They had a good time and took some good video film.

On Wednesday Dave and I went to The Scottish Minning Museum. It was really good. My ancestors were coal miners in the Scottish Borders. It was fascinating to find out about the conditions they worked in. I have to say most of them were bad.

They have a mock up of a coal face you can visit. I was not to keen on this as it was very closed in. For safety reasons the actual coal face has been filled in with concrete

I did notice that they do ghost tours so I will be looking into this the next time I am in the area.

We have been going up to Edinburgh in October for about eight years now. We always pass a field with an old fashioned tower in it and I have wondered every year what it was. well this year I found out. It belongs to the Comme Country Estate. Sadly not much remains of most of the buildings but the estate is huge. The tower is in fact a water tower and is the most complete building left on the site. I will be going there again I think.

On Thursday Adam and I went to edinburgh Zoo. This is always the highlight of our trip for Adam. He loves the zoo. I must say I agree with him. It is without a doubt the best zoo I have ever been to. As usual we took loads of pictures and Adam got some very good video.
On Friday Dave and I went into Edinburgh. Dave wanted to do a ghost walk so we did Damnation Alley wich was the only bit of the South Bridge Vaults I hadn't been in. I was very nervous about it because I had a bad experience in the Niddry Street vaults. However it wasnt so bad. The only room I had any feelings in was the first room we went into which is built on the site of Lord Darnleys House, so maybe he was just letting me know he was still around.
So now I am back home I have to get back to work, and I certainly have lots of it to do

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