Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bonnie Scotland Tutorial

                        Bonnie Scotland was the last CD Rom released by Celticmoon Crafts.
This tutorial will show you how to make this beautiful card using the Bonnie Scotland CD Rom.
From the CD you will need to print the pyramage sheet, card insert and backing paper. You will also need a pair of paper scissors, adhesive, and foam pads or foam tape. You will also need a sheet of black A4 card.
Begin by folding your sheet of black card in half to form an A5 sized card blank.
I always put the card insert in first as this saves disturbing your finished card when the glue may still be wet. Most printers will print the insert with a white border around the edge. Simply trim the border off. I find this very helpful as it makes placing the insert much easier. There are a lot of different ways to fix the insert into a card. Some people put adhesive on the back only, some on the front only. Personally I put a little adhesive on both the front and back as it makes sure the insert will not fall out.

Next trim your backing paper to size. You need a strip that will cover about a third of the card. Stick the backing paper in place using your favorite adhesive. I used a tape roller here, but you can use a wet glue if you wish. Using a wet glue means you can move the paper if you didnt get it in the right place first time. I like to fold a little backing paper onto the back of the card to give a neat finish.

Edge the backing paper with a peal of to give a neat finish. Dont forget to do the same on the back of the card, where you folded the edge over.

Stick the biggest image from the pyramage sheet on a piece of black card leave an equal border all the way around the image. Postition the image on your card as shown and then edge the picture and the frame in the same peel off as the one you used to edge the backing paper.
Now cut the remaing pyramage pieces out and atattch  foam pads or foam tape to the back. You can use silicone or pinflair glue if you wish. Starting with the biggest image stick them one on top of the other to give a 3D image. Make sure you match the picture carefully.
When you have done this you should end up with a card like this.
To finish the card I have added some peel offs.
As you can see this was quite simple and I hope you like it.

You can buy the Bonnie Scotland CD Rom here

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